Four new technologies released, CFTRI develops Barley-Seaweed based Anti-obese supplement “SeaSlim”

Mysuru-based CSIR-CFTRI has developed nearly 400 technologies and over 4,500 licencees’ commercialised several technologies that were transferred to them by the premier institute.

On an average, 15 to 20 technologies were developed at the CFTRI annually and nearly 120-125 technologies were transferred every year, according to scientists.

At ‘One Week One Lab’ initiative that got off to a start at CFTRI here on Monday, July 3, four new technologies were launched by the dignitaries at the inaugural of OWOL. The CFTRI has proposed to release a total of 22 technologies during the weeklong OWOL.

The four technologies include barley-seaweed based anti-obese supplement ‘SeaSlim’; freshness keeper paper under the CSIR’s Floriculture Mission; process for the production of soluble and insoluble arabinoxylan from wheat bran, and production of baker’s yeast.

Freshness keeper paper is made with natural bioactive compounds. It can extend the shelf life of cut roses by 1-2 times longer, the CFTRI said.

A simple paper-based freshness keeper paper – a patented technology which is a chemical-free design to keep cut flowers fresh during transport and storage without disturbing the protocol of cut rose flowers. Freshness keeper technology is a paper wrapped with direct contact with rose flower petals that help enhance fresh-cut flowers’ quality and shelf life by two folds, a note said here.

During the export and transportation time, cut rose flowers have a shelf life of 10-12 days at 4 degrees C. With freshness paper, the shelf life is increased by 6-7 days – taking the total shelf life to 18-20 days.

“The scope of this technology is useful to Indian florists as well as other countries, more significantly who are in import and export of cut flowers as India is ranked 15th in the export of cut roses.”

This tech is chemical-free and inexpensive, reduces waste, and increases revenue. The tech helps farmers, importers, exporters and big and small vendors, the note added.

According to CFTRI, India is ranked third in the world in the prevalence of obesity. Owing to rising obesity cases, anti-obese foods are flooding the markets. The CFTRI has developed a barley-seaweed based anti-obese supplement called ‘SeaSlim’ having qualities of brown algae and barley for managing obesity. “SeaSlim can be used as a potent antioxidant food. It lowers fat absorption in the small intestine. It lowers the risk of obesity and diabetes. It helps in regulation of body weight by reducing the food intake and can be used as a low-glycemic index food. It can be recommended as a thermogenic food to manage obesity,” the release issued by CFTRI said.

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