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Grofresh Agrofoods Pvt Ltd brings you a wide range of premium quality fresh-frozen fruit and vegetables from the best farms in India. We have taken into consideration that you don’t need to work over peeling them. Readily available throughout the year, now you can celebrate your love of vegetarian food with your family & friends. Grofresh Agrofoods Pvt Ltd was born with a vision to present nutritious freshly frozen foods to the world.

Founded by passionate team of professionals, GroFesh is a frozen foods processing company with an emphasis on blitz scaling, using future-ready state of art technologies. “All great things begin with a vision… a dream.” – Estee Lauder

Grofresh Agrofoods Pvt Ltd established 2019 as exporter of IQF & frozen fruits & vegetables. Grofresh Agrofoods Pvt Ltd is promoted by Mr. Srinivasa Naik. The company which has pursued excellence in all its endeavours is being one stop haven for all fruit needs is taking a momentous step towards a new age of quality and service guided by passionate exerts. Since inception, the company dedicated into the supply of quality fruits all over India where major quantities been supplied to fruit processors and to fresh fruit exporters

We take pride in finding new ways to answer the needs of modern consumers, who may be spending less time in the kitchen, but have not lost their interest in great-tasting, healthy food on the contrary. We use the same innovative approach in all aspects of our business, from the techniques we use on our contract farming fields to determine the optimal moment of harvesting, to our advanced logistics in which we share warehousing space and loading capacity. Finally, it almost goes without saying that our people are of utmost importance in realizing our ambitions. It is their hard work, their commitment, and their talent that have made our company.


Grofresh started as a small local enterprise & grew into an international supplier of fresh-frozen vegetables &fruits. Today, we are exporting our brand in some of the most fertile regions in Asia & Europe. Thanks to our international sales and distribution network, our products are now available to consumers in India & some other foreign regions. Our products enable people to enjoy the many benefits of freshly harvested vegetables and fruits every day of the year. We make a superior world through plant-based food, our vegetables and fruits are frozen within a few hours after harvesting, ensuring maximum freshness and great taste


GrofreshAgrofoodsPvt. Ltd. is a global market player operating from India in frozen foods.
We transform freshly harvested vegetables & fruits into food products that are easy to store, conserve & consume.
Our products respond to the needs of modern consumers who want to enjoy healthy and tasty food, with a minimum of preparation time. We offer our customers including retailers, food service companies, and the food industry in general a wide range of innovative and high-quality products, excellent service, and advanced logistics.


All our vegetables and fruits are sourced locally, usually within a maximum range of 40 km from our production plants. This close connection to the field enables close collaboration with the farmers and ensures the freshness and quality of our products, while reducing our environmental footprint. It also makes it easier to monitor quality and crop progress. We invest in long-term partnerships with our farmers and help them work in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Product range

vegetables / vegetable mixes & purees / fruits / organics / herbs / sauces

3 market segments
  • Retail – vegetables, vegetable mixes, fruits, sauces and purees for consumers
  • Foodservice – frozen vegetable and fruit products for use in the catering industry, including restaurants, hospitals and company canteens
  • Business-To-business – ingredients for the food industry

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Grofresh Agrofoods pvt ltd. is a pioneering agro-food company specializing in IQF fruits and vegetables. We are delighted to announce exclusive job opportunities within our organization for individuals with expertise in the IQF industry. Join us in revolutionizing the world of IQF fruits and vegetables! Explore the positions available:

1) Agri Sourcing Manager – 1 Position
Experience: 5+ years | Preference: Male Candidate
Identify, assess, and onboard suppliers for IQF fruits and vegetables.
Develop and maintain strong relationships with suppliers.
Implement sourcing strategies for quality and cost-effectiveness.

2) HR Manager – 1 Position
Experience: 5+ years
Lead recruitment, onboarding, and HR policies.
Manage employee relations, performance evaluations, and training programs.

3) R & D Executive (Ice-cream Industry) – 1 Position
Experience: 3+ years
Conduct research and development for new ice-cream products.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to bring innovative products to market.
Manage the entire product development lifecycle.

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4) Production Manager – 1 Position
Experience: 5+ years | Preference: Male Candidate
Oversee and manage all aspects of the IQF fruits and vegetable production process.
Develop and implement production schedules.
Ensure compliance with quality control measures and safety protocols.

5) Production Executive – 2 Positions
Experience: 3+ years | Preference: Male Candidate
Work closely with the Production Manager to optimize processes.
Supervise production teams to meet output targets.
Implement best practices to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

6) Field Executive – Farming – 2 Positions
Experience: 3+ years
Collaborate directly with farmers to facilitate the production of IQF fruits and vegetables.
Provide guidance on best farming practices.Monitor and report on crop health and yield.

Relevant educational background, Food Technology, Food tech Agri, Agricultural engineering and experience in the IQF fruits and vegetable industry.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.
Passion for agriculture and the IQF industry.

If you are an experienced professional ready to contribute to the success of Grofresh agrofoods, we encourage you to apply. To be part of our team, submit your resume and a cover letter specifying the position you are applying. Join us in advancing innovation and excellence in the IQF fruits and vegetable industry at GroFresh Agrofoods Pvt Ltd!

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