Food Processing & Preservation Quiz – 18


Q. Statement 1: Majority of the fish have more proteins than water.
Statement 2: Whole milk has more water than fat.

  • a) True, False
  • b) True, True
  • c) False, False
  • d) False, True

Answer: b)
Explanation: Whole milk has slightly more water than fat.

Q. Statement 1: Are almonds high-fat or high-protein nuts
Statement 2: Tiny fat globules in water are called butter.

  • a) High-fat, False
  • b) High-fat, True
  • c) High-protein, False
  • d) High-protein, True

Answer: c)
Explanation: Almonds are high-protein nuts. Tiny water globules in fat are called butter.

Q. Statement 1: Nuts can be classified as high-fat, high-protein and high-carbohydrate.
Statement 2: Cashew nuts come under the high-carbohydrate category.

  • a) True, False
  • b) True, True
  • c) False, False
  • d) False, True

Answer: a)
Explanation: Cashew nuts come under the high-fat category.

Q. The process in which half of the moisture is removed before freezing is called

  1. Lyophilization
  2. Freeze drying
  3. Dehydro-freezing
  4. None of the options

Answer: c)

Dehydrofreezing is an adjunct to freezing in which a food is first dehydrated to a desirable moisture content and then frozen. Reducing the water content prior to freezing also has the potential to reduce the freezing time, the initial freezing point, and the amount of ice formed within the product.

Q. _________ is used as preservative in many Processed meats

  1. Sodium benzoate
  2. Sodium nitrate
  3. Sorbic acid
  4. Sodium metabisulphide

Answer: b)

Sodium nitrite/nitrate is the preservative used in processed meats and may have cancer-causing effects, especially if consumed in high amounts. Sodium benzoate and artificial food colorings might heighten hyperactivity in children. BHT has been banned in some countries as a carcinogen.

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