Food Law and Regulation Quiz 30


Q. CCFA stands for

  1. Codex Committee on Food Adulterant
  2. Codex Committee on Food Additives
  3. Codex Committee on Fruit Additives
  4. Codex Committee on Fats Additives

Answer: b)

CCFA stands for Codex Committee on Food Additives.

Q. CCFFP stands for

  • Committee on Fish and Fishery Products
  • Committee on Fish and Food Products
  • Committee on Fish and Fats Products
  • Committee on Fats and Fishery Products

Answer: a)

CCFFP stands Committee on Fish and Fishery Products.

Q. Which agency provides advice and support on levels of radionuclide contamination in foods and on food irradiation

  • IAEA
  • OIE
  • ISO
  • FAO

Answer: a)

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the international center for nuclear cooperation, safeguards, and peaceful nuclear technology.

Q. Which of the following is not in the scope of the SPS Agreement

  • Human health
  • Animal health
  • Plant health
  • Technical regulations

Answer: d)

Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures are measures to protect humans, animals, and plants from diseases, pests, or contaminants.

Q. NCCP is located at the headquarter of

  • BIS
  • QCI
  • None of these

Answer: b)

NCCP India is the National Codex Contact Point of India. NCCP has been constituted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

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