Food Additives Quiz – 13


Q. Causes of hand dermatitis

  • Wet handler
  • Detergent handler
  • Food additive handler
  • All of the above

Answer: c)

  • The usual causes of irritant dermatitis in food handlers are wet work and detergents. However, some food additives are possible irritants and may be partly responsible for hand dermatitis.

Q. Which artificial sweetner cause Photodermatitis

  • Saccharin
  • Sucralose
  • Cyclamate
  • Aspartame

Answer: c)

Cyclamate is the only food additive that has been reported to cause photodermatitis via an apparently allergic mechanism (Kobori and Araki, 1966; Lamberg, 1967).

Q. Which category of food additive causes e provoke e asthma

  • Antioxidant
  • Flavoring agnet
  • Color
  • None of the above

Answer: c)

In the late 1950s it was discovered that food colorants may provoke asthma . Of them, tartrazine has been most studied, and its role in asthmatic reactions was established in the 1960s (Chafee and Settipane, 1967).

Q. “Chinese reasturant syndrome” caused by which food additive

  • Potassium bromate
  • Suphate
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • EDTA

Answer: c)

‘Chinese restaurant asthma’’ has been suggested to be caused by monosodium l-glutamate . There are, however, studies in which double-blind provocation tests have produced no asthmatic symptoms at all (Ghezzi et al., 1980; Grattini, 1982; Morselli and Grattini, 1970).

Q. Hyperactivity in Children caused by

  • Sulphates
  • Hydrogen peroide
  • Salicylates
  • None of the above

Answer: c)

Overreactivity, with concentration and learning difficulties, may be present in 1–5% of young children (Lambert et al., 1978). Feingold (1973) claimed that hyperactivity of children is associated with the ingestion of salicylates and crossreacting food additives. He reported that 30–50% of hyperactive children in his practice had complete remission of symptoms on a salicylate- and additive-free diet.


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