Mock Test 1

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Q. Ethylene and propylene oxide are used in

Q. What is the objective of ISO 22000

Q. ISO stands for_______

Q. Which of the following is false

Q. Fruit pieces before processing are dipped into sugar syrup

Q. Which of these is a class I recall

Q. HACCP has defined CCP as:

Q. Full Form of FSSAI

Q. Which is the sweetest known substance

Q. According to FSSA _______________ in relation to any article of food, means a process consisting of three components, i.e., risk assessment, risk management and risk communication

Q. Which of the following is used as bread improver

Q. ________ a collection of standards, guidelines and codes of practice adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission

Q. ____________of fruits and vegetable consist of drying the food to about 50% of its original weight and volume and then freezing the food to preserve food

Q. Cholesterol free product should containing less than ____________ mg of cholesterol per serving

Q. The prevention of food adulteration act established on ____________

Q. Which method/s of food preservation are used in making jam

Q. ISO stands for_______

Q. FAO/WHO committee dealing with Food additive

Q. Calcium stearate is used as an

Q. The full form of IUU fishing is

Q. BIS has their own laboratory for checking quality of product at_____________

Q. Foaming nature of protein is

Q. Choose the true statement

Q. Formula for KMS

Q. The fat content of the standardized milk should not less than ________ percent and SNF _______ %

Q. Enzymes responsible for browning are destroyed by freezing

Q. Spreading bacteria to clean food from contaminated work surfaces, hands, utensils or food is called

Q. NABL stands for

Q. Causes of hand dermatitis

Q. Which of the following ingredients will change the PH level of a food product

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